In today’s environment, where one healthcare organization can generate over a terabyte of data every day, there’s no shortage of information. But there is a shortage of meaning, and that’s where we can help. With our experience in healthcare data in all its forms, we can help you gain the most value from your existing data. We can help you arrive at focused insights that minimize problems and maximize opportunities. And with our background in research, we can help you execute surveys and studies that inform and guide future decisions.

Healthcare Data Consulting

As data consultants, we focus on getting, giving, and using data. We start by asking the most fundamental questions: who, what, where, when, why, and how?

We ask these fundamental data questions because the answers will help us help you.

Simple questions with complex answers! In accordance with our mission to contribute to the well-being of others, we seek to:

  1. Inform clients in ways that improve their understanding and, hence, their decision making
  2. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of client operations

In the process, our data experts address the usual data issues: accuracy, consistency, completeness, timeliness, etc. But we also welcome unusual issues, like accepting data from clients “as is” that doesn’t need reformatting, working with your “home grown” coding systems, and mapping data to create linkages where no linkages previously existed, etc.

Our experience with a broad range of consulting needs comes from our involvement with virtually every area of healthcare. We work with hospitals, physicians, integrated delivery systems, IPAs, PPOs, managed care companies, indemnity insurers, federal and state governmental agencies, universities, employers associations, software development firms, pharmaceutical companies, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities, rehabilitation providers, and more.

Our data consultants can help you get, give, and use data. We can help inform you and those you may serve. Let us help you improve what you do.

To know more about Healthcare Data Consulting, just contact us.