Healthcare data is always complex, but our mission couldn’t be simpler: to contribute to the well-being of others by providing data and research services that meet and exceed the highest standards of integrity.

HDC Audit Infographic

We serve the entire healthcare community.

We bring decades of experience working across the full spectrum of healthcare clients: inpatient and outpatient care, physician office practices, managed care, indemnity insurance, emergency medicine, trauma systems, long-term-care, mental health, rehabilitative care, pharmaceuticals, and behavioral health.

The Way We Work Makes Us Unique

  • Our analyses
    Our statements of finding are crystal clear, along with our interpretations of their meaning, and our recommendations. This is over and above the requested reports, and typically augmented with visually simple tables and graphs.

    Our approach
    We do NOT point fingers; we extend a highly experienced hand to help provide real world solutions.

  • Our hours
    While our office hours conform to normal business operation hours, we make ourselves available to clients whenever we are needed. With clients in every time zone and team members spread across the country, flexibility is the key to auditing success. We have worked up to the last minute to help clients meet midnight deadlines and unexpected submission targets, and we will do it for you if that's what it takes.


Our data work and services conform to the highest standards and comply with stringent requirements, but the way we deliver them definitely adds value. Our data work is objective and credible. As an independent firm, we approach your data objectively, and we produce no output till data integrity has been fully established. Each project is supervised by a team that includes a Ph.D. in healthcare administration and a CPA/MBA. The confidentiality statements and HIPAA agreements we sign guarantee your data is securely guarded.

Our Capabilities