Our Vision: To contribute to the well-being of others by providing audit and research services that meet and exceed the highest standards of integrity

Our Mission: To assist health plans, pharmacies, state agencies and other health organizations to remain viable and successful through proper data collection, management, reporting and interpretation.

HDC Audit Infographic

We serve the entire healthcare community.

We bring decades of experience working across the full spectrum of healthcare clients: inpatient and outpatient care, physician office practices, managed care, indemnity insurance, emergency medicine, trauma systems, long-term-care, mental health, rehabilitative care, pharmaceuticals, and behavioral health.

HDC is Unique

We bring decades of experience working across the full spectrum of healthcare-related entities. We can offer innovative solutions and proprietary tools as a result of our diverse service scope and history. Our methods are collaborative, efficient, thoughtful, and result-oriented. We are well-resourced and can offer support services throughout the year. Our services can be bundled which not only lowers cost, but also decreases the burden of multiple vendor contracts.


HDC’s staff includes a broad range of specialists. Our audit teams are individually assembled for each project to meet the unique needs of the client. Audit teams will always include a Project Manager and Audit Lead. In addition, the following other specialists will be assigned as required: Assistant auditors, code reviewers, analysts, CPAs, RNs, LPNs, pharmacists and physicians.

Our Capabilities